Life has ups and downs and moments when challenges intersect. Career, family relationships, financial questions, health issues, or other worries…whatever the crossroads, mindfulness can help you navigate through to your best personal outcomes. 


Understand how mindfulness can help you shift from a state of worry or from living on auto pilot, to developing daily habits that will serve you with personal success for a lifetime.


Mindfulness is not meditation. Meditation is one way of improving mindfulness; there are many mindfulness techniques that can be used immediately at work, home and play.


If you seek the ability to manage singular difficult moments or ongoing stress, this exploratory mindfulness session is for you.


Invest a day in yourself to:

  • Learn some leading research in how mindfulness works

  • Improve your resilience & ability to manage setbacks

  • Balance your work-life behaviours

  • Increase creativity and “thinking outside of the box”

  • Handle difficult people and stressful situations better

  • Manage difficult emotions and negative thoughts

  • Improve decision-making skills when at crossroads

April 29, 2018
100 Arthur St. (4th floor)
 Exchange District
(9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.)
Techniques to increase creativity, productivity, resilience, self-awareness, decision making skills and emotional intelligence
Research demonstrates that mindfulness reduces stress and helps you respond more effectively in difficult situations
Invest in yourself:
Early bird (before March 31st): $99.00

Facilitator:  Suenita Maharaj (M.Ed.), studied with the Harvard Mindfulness for Educators Program and the Chopra Center. The bestselling author of Rousing the Sleeping Giant: A powerful tale of mindfulness, has successfully trained diverse groups in mindfulness techniques: teachers, parents, nurses, public sector senior management teams,  and individuals dealing with difficult people and relationships.


Guest speaker: Kathryn McBurney, communication professional shares her story of how mindfulness pulled her through trauma when an accident impacted the lives in her family, and tools she continues to use to communicate effectively with mindfulness.